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Classroom blogging
Skype - skype_seekr
Veteran edublogger
Margaret Vass
I am a primary school teacher teaching 11 year olds at present. We have a class blog linked to a wiki. I have recently enrolled on a Chartered Teacher module entitled 'e-learning, e-teaching, e-assessment'. A mentoring arrangement sounds ideal! I would like to learn how to use the wikispaces more effectively (at the moment they are used as 'spaces' for the pupils to write in, but would like advice about how to use them more collaboratively). At present the blog links to pbwikis, but I've used 'wikispaces' in the past.
E-mail -
Courtney E.
I teach primarily students from inner-city Philadelphia, and would like to connect them with students from around the world. I have LIMITED technology (equipment and permissions) available. My students would take particular interest to students in Africa. I'd love to set up a Skype conference, but neither our school nor potential schools there have resources for such activities. Also, I lack connections elsewhere. Any suggestions? I instruct Business & Computer Info Tech (8 - 12th grade)
Email me
Connections and Resource Knowledge
Wiki Teaching and Pedagogy ideas - sharing ideas.
Mail or skype KristianStill via wikispaces